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Literacy and Math tutoring, including dyslexia and autism spectrum tutoring          Ed.D.  in Educational  Specialties
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 Helping your child learn and enjoy learning.
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    We can determine the level of tutoring that suits the needs of your child     by collaborating and evaluating their specific needs.

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(Kindergarten through High School) 
2 times /week

Instruction is based on National and State standards focusing on Read to / Read with / Writing / Word Study. By uncovering what your child is using but confusing, remediation can begin at the correct level and continue in a sequence that helps your child attain grade level based on understanding and comprehension, rather than memorization.  The goal is to make reading something they want to do. 

Intensive Tutoring (3 times/week)
 Intensive LITERACY tutoring
(Kindergarten through Adult) 
3 times /week

Individual customized guided instruction with primary focus on developing additional strategies to better utilize the student's specific strengths while strengthening needed literacy skills. This intensive tutoring provides the additional time and attention needed and is designed to address the learning needs of those with learning disabilities including dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger's and autism spectrum disorders. Every person is different and progress/expectations are based on each student’s abilities.

Thanks for your interest in tutoring with Dr. Smith-Smiley.

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Tutoring (2 times/week)
(Kindergarten through 8th grade) 
2 times /week

Instruction is based on National and State standards that make Common Core understandable.  This interactive instruction relies on a hands-on learning approach instead of worksheets. Instruction encompasses basic math and foundational skills up to and including first-year algebra. By taking the time to discover, then explain and correct what is misunderstood, your child can build on their existing math skills to help attain grade level as they are really understanding and enjoying math. 

Tutoring is one-on-one in a 
home setting located in the McQueen High School area
 (NW Reno, NV).  

Literacy tutoring:   
Kindergarten - High School

Math tutoring:   
Kindergarten - 8th grade

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"Kendalynn's semester report card showed a solid "A" in math!  Needless to say, Misty and I are delighted with the outcome and 
Kendy is very proud of her accomplishment......"
"You are so much more than a teacher or tutor.....You helped us when no one else did.  We are forever grateful!
"Madison passed all her proff exams for high school graduation.  First thing she said was Thanks to Mrs. Smith!"
"We will never forget what you have done for us......."
"I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Smith-Smiley for teaching or tutoring......"
"Dr. Smith is passionate about helping students learn.  She believes that every student has the ability to learn and each student learns in a different way..."