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Dr. Smith Smiley's Videos show ways to use Reading Buddy Books and Math Games
The videos show some ways to use the books and games to help your child learn.
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Before children can read, they pretend to read.  This helps them learn the reading basics before they know the letters and the words.

  Molly, age 4, is pretend reading Inside - Outside, Cat & Bird children's book with Dr. Smith-Smiley as she starts to learn how to read.
Once children start being able to sound out and read the words, parents can help just by reading and talking with them.  The conversation is just as important as the actual reading of the words.  Perhaps the most important part is to make reading fun as learning happens.
  Macy, age 6, is reading A Baby Robin's Days children's book with Dr. Smith-Smiley for about the 4th time in three weeks.  She still needs help, but she has made a lot of progress.
  A few weeks later, Macy, age 6, now knows how to read A Baby Robin's Days children's book, so it is time to begin reading the Companion Book that is a grade level higher and has much more information.
   Macy, age 6, is now ready to read A Baby Robin's Days Companion Book again.  We have been reading and having conversations using a wide variety of books during the last couple of weeks, and this time you can see that she needs much less help.